Breaking news: Seafield hearing complete & Golden Gate eviction avoided

Tenants like Brian Broster at the Seafield Apartments fight back after the landlord applies to nearly double their rent. Photograph by : Photo-Dan Toulgoet

Brian Broster at the Seafield Apartments, photo-Dan Toulgoet

March 11, RTB Tenant Updates:

The Seafield Apartments tenants group had their hearing at the Residential Tenancy Branch (RTB) today. Their landlord/owners, Gordon Nelson Investments, applied to the RTB for a geographic market rent increase up to 73% for all 14 tenants in the building.

Brian Broster reports from the tenants group that the 2 1/2 hour hearing went well. The tenants now must wait up to 30 days for the written Decision to be released by the RTB.

Stay strong Seafielders!


Stephanie Hunter also reported to Renters At Risk today about her RTB hearing to quash her eviction notice. You’ll remember Stephanie’s case at the Golden Gate Apartments on Comox Street where the elevator service was discontinued for 3 months. After a tenant won damages against the landlord for this lack of service, Stephanie Hunter and her roomate decided to apply to the RTB for compensation. But the landlord disputed that Stephanie was not on the original lease agreement and therefore evicted her. Today the Dispute Resolution Officer set aside the eviction notice and ordered the landlord to name Stephanie on the lease, in accordance with RTA sec. 13(f)(iv).

The second part of Stephanie’s hearing, the tenants claim for compensation due to the lack of elevator service, was adjourned to a later date.

Well done & congratulations Stephanie! You can rest easy tonight knowing your home is still your home.