Renters at Risk support Grand March for Housing

rar-at-chc-housing-rally_1Renters At Risk supports
Grand March for Housing

Today, thousands of people in over 20 communities across BC marched to demand immediate government action to end homelessness, build social housing, protect rental housing and raise welfare and minimum wage rates.

In Vancouver, an estimated 5000 people attended the Rally at the Art Gallery today to show their support for a province-wide call to action to address the affordable housing crisis. The Grand March started from three locations on the East and West side, and converged at the Vancouver Art Gallery for a lively rally with bands and community speakers, who urged government at all levels to make housing a top priority.

The Rally today was organized by the Citywide Housing Coalition, a group who advocates for affordable housing and an end to homelessness. Their website ( has information about housing news, events, issues, and links to other good housing blogs.

The rally today served as yet another wake up call that far too many people in British Columbia do not have secure or affordable housing in a place supposedly hailed as the best place on earth.

Renters at Risk was one of 65 endorsers of the event.

View the video footage on our YouTube channel.